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Mission Statement

Porn Scar is an organization that seeks to awaken a slumbering church concerning the pornification of society. It’s called to restore and preserve, to educate on the harms of pornography and its culture, and to encourage and equip others to “Get Free. Stay Free & Free Others.” Our campaign can be summarized by four words: Awareness. Education. Freedom. Hope.

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 Porn Scar does not assume any liability or responsibility for any actions taken from participants as a result from the information shared and presented by its team members. Each Porn Scar member DOES NOT present, offer, or give legal or professional advice. Inclusively, each participant DOES presume all liability and responsibility for all actions as a result from the information shared. All Porn Scar content is for informational purposes only.



Richie Cruz founded Porn Scar in 2012, based out of Redding, CA. Here’s why and what has happened:

As a six-year-old pastor’s kid, Richie was exposed to pornography. The image he saw hijacked his naïve mind and was the impetus that gradually shaped a life of addiction, isolation, and duplicity. Being too ashamed to talk about his struggles with anyone, he was left alone to fight his battles. Continuing into adulthood, this secret addiction spilled over into his marriage. After getting caught several times by his wife, he promised to never do it again…only to be overcome with cravings for harder and grosser forms of it. Five years into marriage and with images on a screen no longer satisfying him, he contacted a lady selling her “services” to fulfill the porn fantasies that brewed in his mind for decades. It was in this very pain and spiritual decadence that he knew he needed help. That’s where God met Richie. His truth, mercy and grace, along with the love poured out from his family, became the very thing God used to restore his marriage and purity. While in his private devotional time with God, Richie heard the Lord speak to his heart that he would endeavor a lifelong ministry, in which Richie would share the hope God placed in him. Thus, Porn Scar was born. 

As Richie continued to say "yes" to his assignment, Porn Scar continued to grow, welcoming new teammates and their stories of healing and redemption. Jared Friesen and Samantha Crook were two individuals who eventually joined the movement. They both trained with Youth With A Mission, worked with sex trafficking abolitionists, and were passionate about sharing their own stories of freedom from pornography addiction. What started as a friendship between the two quickly developed into a relationship, and eventually into marriage. Throughout their own story, Richie faithfully pastored them as abolitionists and heavily communed with them as friends. To this day, Richie and the Friesens continue to carry the torch of hope, bringing light to darkness.  Together we seek out ways to expand the movement as we dream of a generation that lives porn-free, has wholistic relationships, and is living out the dream of God’s design of sexuality. You can catch our entire team at our weekly meetings, out kayaking in our free time, or even on a stage as the Lord gives us favor.

We all have scars, and our scars have stories. Share yours.


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