Shame-Free Zone


Author: Jared Friesen

“Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot”. — Isaiah 61:7

“Being vulnerable is scary”. The words of my mentor caught me off guard, especially since his thought concluded a days worth of vulnerable conversation. I couldn’t help but rebuttal. Next to me sat a man who created an atmosphere full of such mercy and grace that I never reconsidered exposing my own brokenness; No longer was I fearful of unzipping my baggage. We honestly couldn’t believe what we discovered: a shame-free zone.

To declare a community as shame-free is easy; cultivating that atmosphere is the challenge. Our model is Jesus: a man so secure in His Father that His righteousness never bowed yet His presence never diminished the brokenhearted. The anchor of this freeing culture is our pleasure in The Lord. That we would be so satisfied in who He is and what He says that we welcome the mess of humanity to experience and ultimately know His Spirit.

You’re called to a home without shame and ever-present with patience, love, pursuit, and grace. But like any other culture, a shame-free zone doesn’t merely exist… it’s cultivated… it starts with you. Fix yourself on The Father, pursue people just like Jesus pursues you, and love with a truth that His people actually carry His image. Shame is nowhere welcome within the Kingdom, and it just so happens that the Kingdom is within you. Let us reveal HOPE in 2018…

Richie Cruz